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Our Plants


VTC has manufacturing and engineering facilities all over North America that provide the expertise and service required by our customers. The facilities are:


The headquarters for our corporation is located a few miles away from the picturesque Blue Ridge Parkway in Roanoke, VA.  Designed and constructed specifically to produce power transformers the 145,000-sq. ft. manufacturing facility is absolutely state of the art.  Check out the factory profile video at the end of this section.

In December 2013, a new facility was developed 11 miles from the main plant on 25 acres of land that houses the tank fabrication, sand blasting and paint process.  Moving the metal fabrication to a separate facility allows for a cleaner transformer build and another way that Virginia Transformer sets the industry bench marks in efficiency and quality control.

The tank fab plant is equipped with welding robot that delivers leak free welds, down draft sand blast booth for personnel safety and a SP-10 finish per SSPC standard for premium paint adhesion. The paint system is an epoxy primer on activated surface and top coat of polyurethane baked to a hard finish. Good bye rusting!

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This plant was acquired from UST west in 2003 and WAS a repair facility. VTC has invested $20 million in the plant over the years making it today the best equipped 230KV, 200 MVA plant in North America, at 1050KV BIL the plant can produce 345KV.

The Plant features 5 bays, each 25,000 sq ft.  One bay is winding and insulation while there are two core cutting machines that provide full back up in case of machine failure. Both machines are capable of cutting up to 37 wide step lap core, producing a burr level of < 20 micros, easily beating the industry standard in meeting lowest sound level of 55 dB and losses of less than ¼ % of the MVA.

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Located 250 miles south of the US border, the Chihuahua, Mexico plant at 65,000 square feet is a modern facility. Here we custom design and manufacture small power transformers: dry type transformers VPI, UNIDIP and UNICLAD® from 300 KVA up to 7.5 MVA 35KV class, liquid filled transformers, 300 KVA up to 10 MVA, 46KV class. We ship 3 product lines: dry type, renewable padmount and substation transformers to Utilities and Industrial markets in North and Central America.

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Georgia Power Transformer manufacturing facility located in Rincon, Georgia was built in 2009 by Efacec Energia using the best engineering and design concepts available for transformers up to 1,400 MVA & 500 kV shell form, up to 400 MVA & 345 kV core form with a total capacity of 24,000 MVA.

Since acquiring the Rincon facility in January 2015, Georgia Transformer has been focused on strengthening the business and operations while keeping the foundations established by Efacec intact (Engineering designs, manufacturing processes / procedures, etc.). The 250,000 sq. ft. facility is state of the art with a controlled environment throughout in order to assure optimal pressure, humidity and temperature for insulation materials and other critical parts used in the transformer manufacturing process. The plant is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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