Pocatello, Idaho

100,000 square feet of floor space, this enables this Virginia Transformer Team to control all phases of construction at the Pocatello, Idaho facility. Virginia Transformer Corp – Pocatello, we manufacture new as well as repair liquid filled transformers up through 100 MVA top rated, 230 kV class, 900 BIL rated. This includes Load Tap Changing Power Transformers, Three Phase and Single Phase Transformers, Furnace/Rectifier Transformers. This facility can also repair and refurbish mobile transformers up to 30 MVA, 161 kV.

VTC – Pocatello has a state of the art auto clave to meet today’s standards for Class II Power Transformer manufacturing. This procedure involves convection heating and vacuum while monitoring moisture removal from the core and coils to assure complete dryness of the insulation. The facility can handle large transformers with over 300 tons of total lifting capacity. We are well equipped to handle specialized tasks. A new state of the art computer controlled core cutting line is equipped to cut core in step lap and other cuts free of burr. To ensure efficiencies in logistics, a rail spur connects inside the plant from the main rail line.

Equipped with ANSI standards testing equipment which include, Front of Wave and Switching Impulse test, VTC – Pocatello offers our customers security from the beginning to the end of the project. Fully staffed with professional managers and technical professionals, the training of personnel is continuously reinforced to maintain the highest level of quality and productivity. Our goal at VTC – Pocatello is to meet our commitment to the customer.